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In-person home visits for urgent and routine healthcare matters. Make an appointment below.

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You complete the form.
A qualified doctor will review your symptoms, gather additional information, and schedule a visit to your home.
You will receive a text and email notification with the visit time and details.
The doctor will arrive at your home to address your healthcare needs.

Our benefits

Qualified and vetted healthcare professionals for urgent and routine issues.
At home
The safety and comfort of your own home; no more waiting rooms!
Experienced providers and specialists capable of addressing your healthcare needs on-site.
Third party services
Referral services for additional diagnostic workup, treatment or follow-up visits.
No additional cost
Foosh does not charge you any extra cost to arrange any number of visits.
Flexible times
Doctors are available 8am to 8pm every day. We're available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Transparent pricing

No surprise billing

Foosh participating providers accept most major healthcare insurance carriers. You get 100% price transparency upfront and never get a bill from us after your housecall.

With insurance, your out-of-pocket amount is set by your insurance plan and shown to you before you book your visit. Without insurance, a house call is set by your provider, and shown to you prior to your visit.

Foosh does not charge you any extra cost to arrange any visits.

Be safe

Our participating providers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitize prior to entering your home and are encouraged to monitor temperature and symptoms daily.

You will be asked to wear a face mask if you have one and sit 6 feet from medical teams whenever possible.

*Medical equipment is sanitized thoroughly with alcohol before and after each visit.

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